Another Holiday Story

Usually when I post blogs on the K&A Janitorial website, it’s usually to aid you the reader to make cleaner and healthier choices. To enable you to look at cleaning products so you may be aware of what the differences are between one product and the next. I hope it has done just that. However, in honor of the holidays, I will share one of my family’s Christmas that taught me a valuable lesson.

Firstly, my family is spread across the entire country and live in different countries. It is seldom that we ever get together for any holiday whether it is thanksgiving or Christmas. This holiday season was different. We managed to get the majority of the family together under one roof. We definitely caught up in each other’s lives like one typically does when you only get to see them once a year. It wrapped up an amazing year back in 2010. However, I learned what it was to host many family members under one roof.

The amount of cleaning I had to do that week alone would have sufficed for half a year with my family only. Uncles dirtying plates after plates with the amount of food that they ate. Constantly going to the bathrooms to ensure there was enough paper towels. It was a load of work. Additionally, I had to constantly run to the local store to get supplies like clothing detergent and paper towels. It was tough but all well worth it.

The lesson here is to be prepared beforehand with all the cleaning supplies you may use. Many of us, including myself back in 2010, get so involved with the food and living arrangements of the holiday that we forget to keep all these supplies handy. Keep in mind how many people you will have over and plan accordingly. That way you can optimize the time spent with your love ones. I hope you prepare well and that you learn from my mistake. But most of all, I hope you have a happy holidays.