Holiday Tips to be Clean

Do you need some holiday tips to be clean?

The task of getting your home ready for the holidays may be daunting, but we’ve put together some tips to help you make the most of the festive period – by getting ready now, you’ll be able to put your feet up more often and enjoy a glass of mulled wine without panicking about the washing up!

It’s not just cleaning though, here’s our top 5 tips for a sparkling holidays…

Pay close attention to the rooms people will spend the most time in.

There’s no point spending your precious hours laboring over rooms that people will only sleep in. Focus most on areas like the lounge or dining room. Of course, get that kitchen sparkling, so you can have a relatively stress free day when it comes to cooking.

Get your oven cleaned!

Nobody likes to open the oven on the holidays, realize that it’s full of grease, and needs a good scrub. Get ahead of the holidays panic and clean your oven beforehand. The majority of our clients love using Oven Power or Fresh Cherry to get the job done.

That goes for cooking equipment too

You’re not going to be pleased if you’ve only got greasy baking trays to use in your new sparkly oven, so make a note to prepare all the bakeware you’ll need for the holidays. Glassware too! Even if it means it all being out on the dining room table beforehand, it’s worth making sure you’ve got enough of everything (we always forget the gravy boat!) and that it’s all in tip-top shape.

Stock up on kitchen roll

The holidays is prime time for spillages and sticky fingers making a mess everywhere. To avoid a big clean up post-Holiday, strategically place kitchen roll around your home, so there’s no excuse! People can soak up any spilt beverages, plus catch any crumbs from those late night mince pies!

Plan in advance

If you’re lucky enough to be hosting the whole family this year, get prepared! Even if you have to create a spread sheet to track your cooking, arrival times of distant relatives, or washing up, it will help minimize stress on the day (and hopefully less arguments over the traditional game of Monopoly!).

Voila! Hopefully you’ll have a stress-free festive period!

Happy Holidays!