How Do We Cope?

As the seasons pass we see ourselves exposed to different situations, people and sounds every single day. How do we cope with all these different exposures? Do we shiver in fear of stepping forward or take a step back to see the bigger picture? How do you deal with life? Well that’s a broad questions isn’t it? We can say “I take it all in” or “take it step by step.” Every person has their own way of dealing with there every day crazy or even the smallest of changing.

I know for myself personally I try to take life how it comes but sometimes even that can be hard. Life it just filled with twists and turns that sometimes are unbearable. I totally understand when people say “I can’t do this anymore!” I know that life can be hard and moving forward seems far-fetched but I can truly say that when I changed my mindset on how to take life, I truly changed. I used to think that if something did not go my way the world was plotting against me. I use to even blame the wind who would blow my hair in the wrong direction! Oh I had so much to say until one day I told myself who else is there to blame? Sometimes things occur in our lives that are out of our control. What matters isn’t how much we complain or get mad, what matters is what we will do next to better our situation.

One thing I learned to do was have a positive outlook! Once I looked on the better side of things my frustration would seem to just go away. Another strategy is to ask yourself “well this is happening then what will I do next?” I try not to dwell too much on the happenings but on what I will do to better this situation. After all is said and done I know there will always be a better tomorrow. It might not happen right now or even in a year but I know there are better days to come!