Unpredictable Health

Did you know with the change of seasons comes a change in our health? I personally know that when seasons change my mood changes which brings a change in my health. Catching a cold during the winter comes as easy as speaking sometimes. Although we cannot predict a common cold coming our way we can find ways to prevent it. Sometimes just washing our hands or staying away from a sickly person is not enough. We know that there are bacteria everywhere we just can’t see it so we really never see it coming. I had an experience where there was a sick person near me but I stayed away from them and still somehow wounded up getting the worse cough the next day. I asked myself but how is this possible? I didn’t even go near them and washed my hands as well so how did I get sick? Well it happens, and we can’t expect to never get sick because, well, that’s impossible. Everyone gets sick once in a while and it doesn’t mean the person is not clean it just means we can’t prevent everything unless we go around in an air bubble but I don’t know how I would get in my car if I was in a bubble lol. Of course being clean isn’t so hard either and the good thing is that soap was invented. Taking time to wash our hands can really make a difference honestly. It won’t stop every cold coming your way but it can prevent from falling sick often. Teaching our friends and children to be clean can really save us from a lot of hospital visits and cold medicine. Even in our everyday workplace learning to be clean is a good thing and it will definitely end up helping those around you as well from catching a cold from you.

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